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excessive tire wear with open diff?

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So I've got a 1999 7.3 ext cab 7.3. I have a problem with excessive rear tire wear with it. I'm thinking the open rear diff is letting the tire spin to much when turning from a stop. I'm very soft on the throttle because if I'm not I simply can't take off. Would a limited still let these trucks spin the tires that much still? Would it be worth the money to get a limited or should I do a locker.
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I'd just get a Tru trac
most with the factory LS aren't laying down two black stripes from every intersection
they are pretty infective as far as locking both axles together when leaving a light so that won't save you

so not sure what to say ? rotate the tires more ?? other issue ?
Yup, consistent rotations help the most.
I'm in the same boat, but a TruTrac is on my short list.
I'd just get a Tru trac
X2 love them.
I rotate every 2k but man it chews them up. I have been stuck on flat ground in a real light rain. I'll have to hunt down a true trac. I've ran factory limited and then full Detroit never anything between. Just think it's crazy how fast it wears the rear tires
I got limited slip but its always dark when I light them up & disappear like a cockroach when the light comes on
My trutrac works flawless. I had to upgrade when my stock LSD started chattering on all turns with a trailer.
cheapest place to get them is Randy's Ring & Pinion. I could get them shipped to my house cheaper than buying local.
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