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Just ran a Buzz and CCT test again have a few questions.

Tested it 4 times, first test came back with open circuit on all but one cylinder.
Then the other tests passed. Passed CCT all 3 times

Only thing that hasnt been replaced is Engine harness & IDM.
Whats your toughts? Wire harness or IDM?

Also I tested my compression on only 2 cylinders, 3 and 5 "Dont ask"
after 5 cranks 375 + psi
so what is the percentage of difference needed to fail cct?
And on a 95 with 300K what is the bad, avg & good compession psi. I'm trying to get another 150K- 200K outta it
I have a fair amount of smoke from valve cover but not pulsating or puff puff, engine does not smoke at tail pipe.
Also doesnt blow cap off.

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I guess I'd probably ohm out the injector solenids at the VC connections (about 2 ohms each from middle pin to each pin adjacent to it on each connection. After that I'd probably check the injectors' wiring continuity from the external VC connection to the IDM connector. Cheers!
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