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In the world of running boards and side steps, seen on each and every truck around the town, hoop steps are less popular. However, if you're looking for an option compact enough to not get in the way but sturdy enough to get a solid foothold on your truck, CARR hoop steps would be a perfect solution! That's why we've decided to dedicate our new product review to these accessories and chose 2 types of CARR Hoop Steps to learn more about their features and compare them. Our tech expert Greg will get you into details in our new video.

CARR® - LD Hoop Steps


- 15” width
- Aggressive and appealing tread design for a non-slip surface
- Flat step area for increased safety
- Tough construction to hold up under extreme conditions
- Made of rust-resistant cast aluminum alloy
- Exclusive Multi-Mount system with rotating mounting heads for a snug fit
- Mounting system made of zinc-plated steel for superior strength
- Easy installation with only minor drilling.

CARR® - Super Hoop Steps


- Length: 20""
- Step Pad: Exclusive diamond non-slip tread pattern
- Weight Capacity: 350 lbs per step
- Come available in 3 sizzling finishes: Black, Titanium Silver, and Polished
- Exclusive new multi-mount system
- Made of corrosion resistant, durable cast aluminum alloy
- Rugged tread pattern provides for safe and attractive non-slip surface
- Rocker panel installation provides for the strongest and easiest installation of any step products.

CARR™ | Light Bars, Hoop Steps, Truck Accessories -

CARR Hoop Step is an affordable way to improve the convenience for you and your passengers! If you have any questions or need a price quote, reach me directly in PM or comments below.​
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