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I currenlty have both valve covers off until next weekend. Using a breakout box, injector 3 clearly knocks and that injector can be picked out 100% of the time when someone works the box and I looking the other way and listening to keep things objective. You can always pick when #3 is turned back on. However, when shutting off 7 sometimes the knock improves and when turning it on sometimes I hear it come back. We also picked out #1 one time, but that could just be an error. Clearly #3 can be picked out when it is turned on and off. So, 3 is a problem and 7 may be and an outside shot at 1.

First question- why is the knock clearly evident when I put a slight load on the motor as I let the clutch out? This clearly brings on the knock. But, as rpm increases, there is no more knock. So, it is there usually with idle and always with a slight load. And ONLY WHEN THE OIL HIT 160 OR GREATER.

I also ran the truck with the covers off and could not really see any major difference in oil spilling. But the truck wasn't really knocking as the oil cooled while I took everything apart. I got the oil to 160 ish, but no knock. It was there when I loaded the motor. But, my brother could not see any real difference in the spill as I loaded it up.

Second question- Where should I swap 3 to? I obviously don't want to move it to 7. Would you put 7 and 3 on the other bank? I am going to put new o-rings on them all and swap to further diagnose and see if this is an injector issue or something worse.
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