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Engine knock at idle

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I have a 96 F350 that when idling has a knock/grinding noise. It does this weather its hot or cold. The weird thing is it goes away when you take the truck above 800-900 rpms. I used a stethoscope and found the noise coming from the oil pan. I changed the oil and filter less than 100 miles before this noise started. It does it in park, or any other gear. The truck did not seem to lose power, and I haven't seen any codes in it
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Auto or standard trans?
It is an automatic transmission. I ran the codes on it and they read as follow: P1212, P1280, P0197, P0472, P0713, P0198. The noise takes longer to start when you initially start the truck and its cold. But once the noise starts every time the truck comes to an idle it start making the noise again. The noise is not consistent with the "regular" knock that a diesel makes, it's a more irregular pattern than the regular idle noise
Does the engine have a noticeable miss at idle?
The only time the truck has a miss is when it starts up cold. I think it has one weak cylinder, and when the truck warms up it runs fine
Probably just a bad injector...
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