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hey yall.

well i figured it out!

here's what i did.

1) Remove door panel (remove window & lock switch pannel and remove 1 bolt, think it was 8MM), remove reflector light cover at bottom of door and remove 1, 8mm bolt and light bulb & holder. and all that crap under there, including the speaker(7/32" i think).

2) remove the rubber scraper/holder on the top, inside of the door, before the window glass. it will pull up from the end at the rear of the door easiest.

3) Lower the window 3/4 or so of the way, enough to see the 2 connectors that are glued to the window, and bolted to the sizer lift thing inside. remove the 2 nuts(10mm).

4) wiggle and jiggle the track off of the window, so the glass is no longer attached to the lifting thing.

5) TRY to lift the window up the track to close it. if you start to pick up the truck... continue reading.

6) use the window power, lower the frame all the way down so it's out of the way, then force the window all the way down.

7) spray the track, the part where the window glass slides on in the door frame with Liquid Wrench Silicone lubricant.

8) Work window up and down manually, many many times

9) lubricate the track that the window lifting sizer slides on

10) pull the window all the way up, (closed) and run the electric lift to make sure that's function properly in it's track. Feel free to add more lubricant.. everything works better with more lube! LOL

11) Reconnect window to window lift track with the 2 nuts.

12) test window with electric power.... dammn thing should work!

13) reassemble door pannel with speaker, Dont forget to connect the electric plug to it! ha ha :doh:

14) enjoy a cold one after a trip around town with both windows down!

just needs some lubricant love!

hope it helps!


All done now
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Nice writup.
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