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EGR Delete Kit Install

ok guys did my egr delete, not for the faint at heart, i have some pix and a full list of tools need to do a egr delete like sinister,rcd,mine is dci
View attachment 13929
a 11mm deep well socket will be needed to remove the intercooler tube
View attachment 13931
remove alternator belt and alternator will need a 13mm wrench or socket to due so
remove the exhaust clamp from turbos down pipe 11mm deep well socket

remove air intake and filter,trucks may very due to different cold air intakes,remove 2 ,10mm nuts from ficm,and to 8mm or 5/16, from the side of the turbo inlet tube
View attachment 13935
remove oil feed line from turbo,8mm-5/16

remove the turbo exhaust feed clamp
remove 3 turbo pedastal bolts that have a 10mm head
remove turbo
View attachment 13938
romove turbo drain tube
remove turbo pedastal-10 mm bolt head
remove up pipe bolts and clamp for the egr cooler and up pipe
remove up pipe
loosen all intake bolts 10mm head
remove 2 egr cooler bolts so you can remove the egr cooler
remove the egr cooler and hose, you will have to lift up the intake to do so,you will get coolent that comes out, will need about a gallon on coolent to replace the lost coolent
View attachment 13940
reinstall all intake bolts and torque to 120 inch lbs, will need a 10mm crows foot to torque intake bolt near the fliters
install new cooler bypass hole and tighten clamps
View attachment 13941
remove egr and insall the bloke off plate
View attachment 13942
View attachment 13943
install new down pipe with new gasket and bolt if provided
reinstall turbo pedastal, trubo drain tube(put new o-rings on tube)install turbo,install turbo feed line, if you have a new o-ring install now before u put line in,reistall both exhaust sides of the turbo,put alternator back on and belt,reinstall intercooler tube
make sure you have all tools out of engine bay
will get a cel if 05 and newer, will have to get a program to delete it
i tried to list all tools needed while doing the delete
if this is your first egr delete take your time and be ready for some work
add coollent, start truck, look for leaks, take for test dive, check for leaks a couple times,id no leaks good job
hope this helps out
tools needed
8mm or 5/16 socket
10mm socket
11mm socket
12mm socket
13mm socket
1/4 drive rachet
3/8 drive rachet
1/4 ext
3/8 ext
3/8 univ
1/4 univ
torque wrench
10mm crows foot
small pry bar
and a small hamer(haha)
10mm wrench
11mm wrench
12mm wrench
1 gallon of coolent
hope i didnt skip anything, and again hope this help you all out :ford:
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