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Wide Open Performance
9497 South 500 West
Sandy, Utah 84090

September 8th
10:00 am

Wide Open Performance and Richard "MADDOG" Madsen would like to invite everyone to join them at the first dyno day at Wide Open Performance. This will be an oportunity to relax and speak with diesel enthusiasts from all over the country. Everyone will also have the opportunity to dyno their truck and also watch some of the highest horsepower and fastest trucks in the country (Maddog & Zane) perform. The dyno will be a first come, first serve basis and prizes will be given out to the highest performers. This event is being held the day after the EDGE drag races at Rocky Mountain Raceway.

For more information you can contact Wide Open @ 801-233-1111
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so i have to go and let zane have it again??? lol sounds fun!!
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