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I'm always concerned with engine oil temp with my
6.0. I recently tuned it back to stock after running
on performance for the past few months.
Is it possible/normal that my EOT is 6-10 degrees
hotter on stock tuning vs performance?
Really surprised me what I'm seeing. It's near 100 degrees outside so I thought maybe that was why. But tuned up to performance again and EOT dropped back
down again.
199-205 on performance running 75-80 mph on interstate
205-211 on stock setting--same highway speeds...
Pretty new to this tuning business---

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Yes, possible. Although I think your 10 degree difference is quite a bit.
Look at it this way, more power, less throttle input.
Less throttle input, lower EGT, lower turbo temperature.
Also quite possible fueling is changed at that RPM band that gets you 75mph, when comparing stock to tune.
Oil cools turbo, sheds heat to cooling system. Less heat to deal with, lower EOT.
What is the coolant temp, and EGT with the performance tune?
Your tuner should be able to provide insight......
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