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EBPV Issue?

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Hey Guys. Sorry this is long but I'm trying to be detailed to help with diagnosing.

Had 2 issues today after changing my oil today.

I changed the oil in my driveway after running some errands with the truck. Only reason I mention this is because it was in the mid to high 20s outside. I had the block heater plugged in and had let the truck warm up for 5 minutes or so before driving. I did not plug it back in while changing the oil.

I use 5-40 synthetic oil.

After changing the oil, it probably took 5-6 seconds on the initial start of the truck for the oil pressure gauge to show pressure. A couple of seconds longer than normal but I'm thinking that is due to the colder weather.

Taking the truck out for a spin in the neighborhood I noticed the engine intake noise drop to a lower pitch between the 1000 - 1500 RPM range and the truck didn't have the power it normally has. Only drove it about a mile and a half at less than 30 MPH. This lower pitched low power feel happened a half dozen times. When I pulled into the driveway and was in park, I tried holding the RPMs at 1500 but it kept dropping down to 1000-1200 RPM with the lower pitch.

I let the truck sit for about an hour. Went back outside and looked under the truck to make sure the oil drain plug wasn't leaking and noticed a bunch of diesel on the driveway.

I did not see where the diesel was coming from. I did see diesel in the engine valley beneath the filter. Diesel would not leak while idling in the driveway but after another quick spin around the block, diesel was running under the truck. I had changed the fuel filter 2 days ago so this was suspect. I had switched from a filter with the built in cap back to a filter without the cap. I did not see a new gasket with the new filter so I used the old gasket that had been sitting on the cap in my garage for the past 6 months. I was hoping this wouldn't come back to bite me. I guess that gasket was in bad shape or didn't seat properly. So I pulled the filter wrapper out of the garbage and found the replacement gasket stuck to it. Guess that is what I get for trying to do a job in a hurry. The weird thing though is there was not a noticeable diesel leak when I changed the oil.

I have read that the EBPV can behave in cold weather similar to what I am experiencing with the noise/low power. The funny thing is I did not notice this earlier in the day before changing the oil but the truck had been plugged in and it was warmed up before driving.

I think the EBPV is oil actuated. Is it possible that an oil pressure swing after the initial startup after the oil change could have caused an issue with the EBPV or is it most likely temp related? Could diesel spraying under the hood have caused a problem? While climbing around under the hood, could I have hit something? Or, am I experiencing something that is not EBPV related?

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Those ebpv are such a pain. I was having the same issue with mine and last weekend I decided to remove my turbo to rebuild it and noticed the ebpv has been leaking oil for some time now so when the turbo goes back in the ebpv will be deleted.

As far as the fuel leak goes check the two rubber lines between the lift pump and the fuel bowl for cracks. Mine leak a small amount of fuel on cold start ups. Mine are cracked and well be replaced.
Just unplug the ebpv if you dont want it to cycle. You can also just unplug the intake air sensor and it will disable the ebpv from working. The sensor on the side of the fuel bowl is also a common leak spot. Might want to get a EBPV delete pedestal to eliminate a leak spot down the road.
Thanks for the advice guys.

Yesterday morning at 19 degrees out, the truck ran with no issues. It was plugged in overnight. The truck was not plugged in at work and when I drove home it was in the 20's and I had the same RPM drop/no power issue multiple times till about ten miles down the road at a max of about 35 MPH due to icy roads and then it ran normal. The heater was blowing warm air well before the 10 mile mark.

This morning it was 21 degrees out and the truck ran fine after being plugged in overnight. Plugged it in at work and it ran fine when I drove home.

So this is looking like the EBPV cold weather issue mentioned. The weird thing is I have never had this issue before. Maybe just because I almost always have it plugged in when the temp starts to get down around 40 degrees.

I did put in a Riff-Raff napa filter style intake a couple of months ago and just zip tied the air intake temp sensor next to the filter. Could this be part of the issue?

Also, have not had any noticeable fuel leaking after changing out the filter gasket.

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In the stock location, the IAT sensor is a little more "sheltered" inside the intake than the sensor just zip tied out in the open. It could be causing the more frequent operation. Cheers!
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