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EBP sensor eliminator

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For those using the eliminator or dongle,whatever you want to call it.How is it working out for you and whose are you using
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I did the math once to build your own. Its just two resistors that give a fixed pressure reading regardless of what actually being made. And you can get the plug from napa as a GM part # for an LT4 camaro 3-wire temp sensor for like 15 bucks. Break the temp sensor apart, and solder the 2 resistors in place and instant dongle!

Since I have an AE, its better for me to keep the EBP sensor working, that way I can get somewhat accurate back pressure readings to compare drive pressure to boost pressure, etc etc.

The EBP sensor is somewhat useful, even if it is a bit prone to not working.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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