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Changed my water pump a few years back and swapped to the Fleetrite ELC coolant at the time. Well it's time again to change the water pump and I need coolant. Through some research I've found that ELC isn't recommended for early 99's due to the sealant for the injector cups.

So far I haven't had any issues with the cups, but my dilemma is no one has the Fleetrite concentrate in stock, nor do they know when they'll have more.

I've read good reviews on the Zerex ELC and it's readily available at NAPA. My only concern with switching brands is I've heard the early 99's might be okay with some brands and not with others.

So I need some opinions on what to do. I need to get the water pump done this weekend as well. So switch to Zerex ELC or go back to the old green stuff and additive.

Thanks in advance.
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