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Hey PSN, I'm entertaining the idea of selling or trading my e99 F350 with 170,xxx miles. I had purchased it in Alaska, originally looking for a manual CCLB OBS but I could not beat the price on this e99.... so I bought it. I purchased the truck bone stock and I have been doing some light work to it. BUT I still really want to find a manual CCLB OBS preferably a stock one with no mods and in decent to excellent shape. Just testing the water to see if anyone may be interested in a purchase or trade for my old e99. Asking $19,000 firm, solely based on the fact that I am not 100% sold on selling this truck, basically looking for that manual CCLB OBS. Currently I have this done to the truck within the last year:

intake plenums
CAC boot set
mishimoto expansion tank
mishimoto radiator hoses
boost fooler
hydra chip (should be installed within a week)
IDP regulated fuel return with frame rail billet housing w/ filters (fuel bowl delete)
beans sump
VC gaskets
glow plugs and relay
VC injector harness
a few pigtails
water pump
braided 4x4 lines
6637 air filter
oil crossover
tensioner pulley
diamond eye 4" exhaust

head studs, valve springs, and pushrods.... I have under the seat, not installed yet...

I started this build with the intent to be just under 500 HP, and with a future purchase of adrenaline HPOP and lines, 238/80 injectors, T4 366 turbo kit, and all new mishimoto coolers. There may be more stuff I have forgot to include but that's pretty much it. Again I live in Alaska and this truck has had ZERO issues with the cold, starts up every time and runs like a champ. This is a dark green two tone with the rockers light brown, e99 F-350 CCLB 4x4 automatic 7.3L SD. Interior in in amazing condition with zero rips in all seats, small crack in the very lower portion of the windshield. I purchased it with the crack and surprisingly it has not increased in size with the rough roads up here. Exterior, zero rust and a small dent in the rear where the tail pipe comes out ( is not very noticeable, but still there). Very minor scratches and chips in the paint. Other than that the exterior is in very great shape. Again thanks for looking, and hoping someone knows somebody with a manual CCLB OBS that is in good shape and for sale!!! Will provide more pictures and specific pictures upon request.

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You might wanna reconsider that asking price or you will be disappointed. I have the exact same truck but in a ZF-6 and cab lights...I couldn't get an offer over $12k for 6 months. And that was when people had coin to spend, which a lot do not right now. I just kept it. Maybe you'll experience different, but I highly doubt it.
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