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So I'm starting to talk with the local shop here in town about doing a transmission build for me.

The truck is currently rocking a TS6, straight pipe and a NAPA 6637 filter. The plan is to add 160CC/100% injectors and a Holset H2E turbo along with all the supporting engine mods. HP goal of between 390-430 at the wheels.

My transmission is starting to show signs that it's at the end of its life span. slipping occasionally, irregularly hard or mushy shifts... What you'd expect out of a 158k mile old E4OD with a 7.3 bolted to it.

That being said, the truck performance wise will stay in the same shape for ATLEAST the next 7 months, maybe even longer. So I'm basically trying to figure out what stall speed I want to go with... Something that is going to work well my current set up, and with my 400+/- HP build.

Also, what is the FACTORY stall speed? It feels high... Like 2100

So what's ideal stall speed for what I have going in my current situation? 1,200? 1,700? 1,400? 1,900?

Would love to hear some input guys!
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