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Hey guys, I've been reading on this site for the last 5 or 6 months now and 3 months ago I made my mind up and decided to convert this truck I had bought over to a 5 speed.

I bought a 97 F350 CC dually 2wd auto 304k and the transmission would only go in reverse. Great deal for $1500 I thinks, it ran ok and all when I went to get it other than they kinda duped me and had it up and running before I got there, but they were just covering up the bad glow plugs which were a easy and not too expensive fix ($200 or less) and that included the valve cover gasket and wiring.

Another member on here was selling a conversion kit, and and I went for it.
I did my swap in the winter so this whole deal took me about 2 1/2 months to finish, money had alot to do with a good deal of it. When I was putting the transmission in, it was snowing and I need to mention I did this outside and by myself up until I needed help pushing the trans up to the bell housing, I did atleast have a concrete floor.

I have a complete write up at


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