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I have searched for a couple of days now, and have not had much luck in finding
what other people have installed as far as rebuild kits and torque converters go.
There is a myriad of rebuild kits and torque converters out there. I am wanting to know what
would be the best transmission rebuild kit, and torque converter to get for my pickup.
I don't hot rod around all the time, but if I need to get a move on I pour the coal to it.
I tow a bass boat with it, and ocassionally pull a cattle trailer.

It is a '97 F250 2WD. As far as current upgrades I have the usual basics.
3" down pipe, to 4" exhaust, 6 pos chip, and tymar air intake. If I were to
do anything else it would be stage 1 or 2 injectors, and that is probably as far as I
would ever go with it.
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