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E40d trans cooler lines

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The stock lines on our e4ods are tiny 5/16? I think ... Stupid in my books I think jasper engines makes a kit that is 3/8 lines. But it comes with a cooler my question is there any other kits that have the transmission case fittings and 3/8 lines I want to upgrade a 3/8 mod will run cooler and have more flow than a 5/16 set up and more oil flow means more heat it can absorb to cool our trans Any help or suggestions will help.

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You can use the SuperDuty 3/8" lines:

Transmission Cooler Lines (SuperDuty 3/8”)
(Ford) Line F81Z-7A031CE
(Ford) Line F81Z-7A030CA
(Ford) By Pass Tube 2C3Z-7H322-BA

I think the lines should have the fittings, but I'm not positive. If they don't, I don't know what the part numbers are, but I'd love to have them (so if anyone knows, please post them). Cheers!
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