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Hey, everybody! I just joined this group, and I have to tell you that it is a great bunch of folks. I love Fords, and have a Ford family with everybody driving one. The PSDs are the best. I have lots of questions regarding the issues my son has with his E350 PSD, and I hope what I am learning from my experiences can somehow help others. I am a newbie to the PSD, as I have as my daily driver a 2002 Lightning, and my fun car is a 94 Mustang GT convertible that I stuck a 408 stroker motor in. My wife drives an 03 Taurus.

Please forgive me as I fumble acronyms- I soon will be fully versed in HPOPs, ICPs and the like, thanks to your comprehensive and informative PSD terms library with the buxom blonde avatar.

Looking forward to many posts from this auspicious group!

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