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Hey guys. i totally forgot to post up over here. This Saturday the 24th there will be a dyno day in Marble Falls, Tx at All Star Transmission. IIRC it's a mustang 500 dyno or something. All Star Transmission is on 12th st. if anyone on here wants to come or needs a little more info shoot me a PM and i will get you some info.. Sorry bout the extremely short notice.. the info has been up on CompD for a long time now. haha:doh:

On Edit: forgot to post this part... price is going to be $60 for 3 pulls on the dyno. this is a small event so not much in way of prize money and such, but there is a $100 gift certifacate to Dominator Diesel for high hp and a $50 for closest to 500hp with some other added goodies from Hamilton Cams....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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