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Duck Hunting Farm Boys

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Hey guys I've got an Ag question regaurding planting for waterfowl.

So i have drained down my 5 acre pond and exposed 5-20ft mudflats around it. I planted Japanesse Millet back in the middle of july to be ready for the early season. If all the millet matures out what do i do to get the millet to re-grow for the late duck seasons?

I now realize i should have planted in sections each a week or two later than the next (next year)

Do I:

1- weedeat areas to reseed
2-reseed more millet in with it now
3- or let it hopfully re-seed its self for Dec. and january hunting

I hope theres atleast one another Duck hunter on here!
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Not exactly sure waht you mean by section off but i could deff. only plant 1/3 of the shoreline at a time in the future.

for now should i let a majority of it finish maturing and then cut the heads and let the other smaller ones continue to grow?
i would go ahead and cut the mature let the little stuff grow

when you cut it leave it where it lays
Alright, so in the next couple of weeks knock the heads of the mature stuff and let the smaller stuff be.
yep thats what we always did take an old sling blad to it if you have one
we would also run through it with troling motors during season to kind of thin it out alittle
Alright good deal, thanks abunch.

Yeah it hasnt flooded yet, we need rain bad here in NC
Sounds like you may end up with a nice Duck Hole to hunt over...

Do you have an early Teal Season in N.C. ?

I've been doing most of my Duck Hunting in Arkansas and I'm lovin it!

When they get enough water, They get enough Ducks!

During the drier years, all the Ducks get HAMMERED wherever there is water!

I don't bother with the early season in November, I like to wait till January to see if it get's cold enough up north to push them that far south.

If it does, LOOK THE %#*^ OUT!

All the luck on your pond and remember:
Call em in close and Shoot em in the face.

We have a early teal season at the coast but not near here. Yeah i want to go to arkansas so bad, im trying to get a trip up this year but my buddies all bail on me.

I dont even know were to begin to go even if i went, do you hunt the Bayou Meda*?
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