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Donahoe Racing Dual steering stabilizer replacement shocks

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So years back I bought all my shocks as well as this dual steering stabilizer kit for my 99 f250 which is lifted with 37" tires. So it really helped and just passed weekend I was changing out my steering box for a Red head box (which is sooooo worth the money) and noticed one of the stabilizers was binding or not retracting. So I took them off and one would only push in half way. The other was still OK but seals are cracking and I just figured replace both.

I figure just go to NAPA and have them order me some Ranchos or Bilstiens to replace these ones. Well they spent a while in their books trying to find something close to these measurement wise and ended up not being able to find any. So I did some research to see who owns this name now and I find Icon Dynamics does. I call as ask them if they will honor the "lifetime" warranty that was sold with these shocks when I bought them. They rudely said NO!

Well that sucks I said, so what does it cost to rebuild these ones. They tell me they cant be rebuilt. I could of swore that was one of the selling points. I mean that's why I spent all that money buying shocks all around. I did duals in the front axle and singles in the rear. I remember once or twice while they still were in business I had a shock blow out and I called them up and they either rebuilt it or just gave me a brand new shock. It was a good deal.

I'm sure there are tons of people in my same shoes, so what does everyone do when their "lifetime" warrantied shocks go out? Such as my situation right now. Icon wants 170 each plus shipping. So 340-350 for 2 small steering dampener shocks? No thanks.

I know there has to be a shock out there that will work. Problem is most kits don't say what size shocks come with them. And allot of shock manufactures don't list shocks by size, but rather application as I found out through my local 4x4 shop when they tried calling around to find a match.

The shocks I have measure exactly 22 1/4" extended from center of eye to center of eye. And the eyelets have rubber and a metal bushing which use a 1/2" dia bolt. I can take a pic if it helps anyone to find a replacement.

I tried ebay and there are a bunch of different kits, but you have to buy their mounts. I just need shocks.

So anyone have a suggestion, idea, or have had this issue and know which shock to get to replace these?
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Fox shox just sells the stabilizers, have to try and match up length and stuff but with a little research you should be able to figure it out, they aren't cheap but cheaper than icon, should be around $120 a shock
Bds sells a pretty good dual stabilizer kit. With the shocks and parts. Bolstering sells seperate shocks that fit donahoe. I'm pretty sure. I have a donhoe racing 6 inch lift with stabilizers on the front of my 01 dually. But I don't want to sell those. Because donahoe is out of bussiness obviously.
Thanks for the input guys. Ill check them out. So have you actually replaced yours before with Bolstering? Ive never herd of that company. Ill google it.

So what makes these shocks cost so much more then your general stabilizer shock? At Napa, they had steering stabilizer shocks from 40 to 80 or so. Depending on mount style and brand. It just doesnt make sense to me, but what do I know.:shrug:
I'm sorry typo! Wrong name!
Bilstein .... That's the company name. Sorry.

I've used bilstein to replace my front shocks.

Bds is pretty reasonable... Even rancho. If your want a decent price .... I would go with one of those two!

And my donahoe shocks are the nice ones. So I know bilstein makes them.

Tuff country is cheap but personally I wouldn't use them. I think they are cheap. I don't buy the entry level shocks I usually buy the stage 2 at least. It's only a little more expensive but it's worth the ride.

If you want luxury go for king, fox ( you can find reasonable fox shocks), Icon is really good they are like the top of the food chain. Most companies won't carry them because they are so expensive. My whole family has them.

Even ready lift makes good shocks. They are a little pricey. But a lot cheaper than Icon. I got a pair for my 06 dually and they have a thick cylinder. A lot thicker than bds.
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No problem. I figured it was Bilstein. I think I want to just go with the Bilstein 5100 but cant find a part number for the correct stabilizer to buy. Like the one TOPGUN sells in their kit. I read on another thread that they have a special shock made only for them by Bilstein, how much is true I don't know. I don't want to buy a whole kit as I have the mounts already.

Can anyone out there that has the TOPGUN dual steering stabilizer kit for the 99-03 f250 give me a part number off their stabilizer? I know BDS, PMF, and others have a kit alike and uses the Bilstein 5100 series stabilizer. Is it the same shock TOPGUN uses?

If anyone can help me out with a part number, it would be greatly appreciated! :peeman:
I found out icon bought donahoe. The donhoe owner went to jail for child porn. And his employees own it now and they call it icon. A very successful bussiness.

My donahoe steering stabilizers siezed up to.
But I can see why icon said no. They don't want #### to do with a child porn freak. That's why they changed the name.
Ya Ive known that for years. Right when it happened I was able to get ICON to warranty the dual shocks I had up front as well as the 2 had in the rear. At that time the stabilizers looked good. I should have just sent them at that same time too. But figured sense they were telling everyone they were honoring the "lifetime" warranty donahoe sold, I figured it wasnt a big deal. Now fear years down the road they decide to stop honoring those lifetime warranty's. Which I think is lame, but I hoped at least a price break on buying new ones. They told me nope! That its not their deal anymore.

So they wont get my business. Now had they said ya we will work with ya sense you bought these lifetime warranty stabilizers that we no longer honor, I probably would of just spent a little bit more and bought their rebuildable shocks.

Oh well. So what did you buy for replacements? Any chance you found the part numbr for the Bilstien's?
I heard the icons should fit right on. But I know icon made their own piggy back shocks which are different. I heard donahoe basically used bilstein shocks. So I'm guessing those should work to.
The original shocks Donahoe sold were custom valved Edelbrock IAS shocks. Those were the ones that were failing.
The original shocks Donahoe sold were custom valved Edelbrock IAS shocks. Those were the ones that were failing.
Are you referring to the stabilizers or the suspension shocks?

Does anyone know if the stabilizer shocks are rebuildable that Donahoe sold?
Are you referring to the stabilizers or the suspension shocks?

Does anyone know if the stabilizer shocks are rebuildable that Donahoe sold?
Yea I think they might be different. I heard the stainless piggy back shocks that donahoe used were bilstein . I think they are stainless or aluminum. I've heard also icon coil springs still have the "dr" imprint on them.

I still have my shocks they still work. Some fluid has leaked. And the eye or loop is the only thing that has broke and I re welded. Just my stabilizers are the ones that siezed up.

My stabilizers are just normal donhoe shocks. I don't think they are rebuildable.
All of the gas charged silver body shocks and stabilizers originally sold by DR were Edelbrock. They quit manufacturing them in early 2012. These had a higher than average failure rate.
Icon shocks were built by a different manufacturer to their specifications.
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