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New to the forum, thought I would post up my take on a t4 mount for the 7.3, As well as be another guinea pig for the ebay gt45. Also started a DIY water-meth setup at the same time.

Making the actual mount:

Making the up pipes on an extra motor:

High Temp Paint:

Pull The cab to install on truck:

Install turbo and up pipes with new manifolds and stainless bolts drenched in anti-seize:

Modify Downpipe:

High Temp Paint Downpipe and install Thermocouples:

Make new Y pipe for water meth:

Drop cab back on and hope everything fits:

I plan to finish the water meth setup soon, have to get a tank, I have the pump and solenoids. Was planning on using a raspberry pi/arduino/similar to read the three thermocouples and turn water meth on in 2 or 3 stages. Once I finish hooking the cab back up and have the truck running I'll post some dyno plots with just the gt45 and no water meth most likely. The truck does have 238/100 injectors that I put together, I should dig up the pictures of that and maybe do another thread on building the injectors if anyone's interested.
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