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DIY Fuel System

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DIY Fuel with pics

OKay, trying to gather up parts to build my fuel system to support the new injectors. Would this set-up work?

ITP in tank set-up then into a water seperator filter with a dual inlet/outlet head. Run two lines out of that pre filter, one to two seperate stock oem fuel pumps, then run the lines off those two pumps into a dual inlet/outlet filter head with a 2 mic filter. One line coming off each outlet feeding directly to each head.

So i would be running one pickup into the pre filter, then dualing everything thereafter to each head... Would that work, or would dumping both pumps back inot one post filter cause a rerstriction?

Any suggestions? Or ideas? Just trying to figure out the best way to do this
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Normally, Jacob drilling the upper or lower lips of the frame is not recommended.

Not saying a couple holes is gonna weaken the frame to dangerous levels, but...
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