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DIY Fuel System

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DIY Fuel with pics

OKay, trying to gather up parts to build my fuel system to support the new injectors. Would this set-up work?

ITP in tank set-up then into a water seperator filter with a dual inlet/outlet head. Run two lines out of that pre filter, one to two seperate stock oem fuel pumps, then run the lines off those two pumps into a dual inlet/outlet filter head with a 2 mic filter. One line coming off each outlet feeding directly to each head.

So i would be running one pickup into the pre filter, then dualing everything thereafter to each head... Would that work, or would dumping both pumps back inot one post filter cause a rerstriction?

Any suggestions? Or ideas? Just trying to figure out the best way to do this
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I thought about that as well, but if both pumps were going back into one post filter and that post filter would feed the lines to each head, then if one pump died, the pressure just wouldn't be as strong. But the one pump could still support both banks.

Maybe I'm just not thinking right though?
Would running them parallel like this make enough pressure to support Mini Me's. Or is feeding the two pumps back into one filter causing to much restriction?

What about in series?
Fuel system is all done, plumbed it just like stated above and it works! 62psi at wide open throttle in every setting. :rockwoot:

Pictures will soon follow. It took me all day yesterday and a few hours this morning to get it finished up. It was a huge undertaking that took alot of patience and time, but it works.
Thats a good idea Tom, I'll try that and report back. I'll just remove the wire to the one pump so it doesn't kick on and see what happens...

Heres the link to a couple pics of the brackets, filters, and dual superduty pumps mounted on the frame...
Had to drill the frame, it wasn't that tough though, just need a good bit.
I've now had the dual oem pump setup on my truck for almost two weeks and was at the race track on Friday. Five passes down the track and never once did the fuel pressure drop below the pre-set 62psi.

So apparently, done correctly, dual stock super duty pumps can supply enough fuel to aftermarket injectors.
I never really thought about that Tonka, it's something to think about though.
I didn't run two lines clear to the motor. The dual pumps go back into a post filter, and from that post filter there is one line to the motor where it y's in ITP Diesel's fuel bowl delete to the heads.

As for the cost, the second pump cost me $160, the filter heads and filters cost another $70, and with all the fittings and hoses, 5/8" in tank pick-up, and bowl delete, I'm in the complete fuel system about $400.

Compared to a Fass system it is quite a bit less expensive. And the Fass set-up doesn't replace any of the pick-up or feed lines. When you consider the cost of one big aftermarket pump, such as the Aeromotive, this set-up is pretty cost efficient, and seems to work well.
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