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Disc brake conversion?

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Okay I figgured I'd ask here because this is more of an OBS question. I was wondering if I can take the disc brakes off of a 10.5" Superduty axle & put them on my 93s 10.25" axle? I just wondered if you really had to do some fabbing or if it would more or less be a bolt on kind of thing.:confused:
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So I just have to pull the calipers off of a Superduty, then order some Rotors for a 00 E350 Van & a few other things? I like the sound of it already. So I can also get away without running an E brake cable? Like Beggs said Michigan winters & salt mean that once you engage them they won't release.:eek:
So what year Vans are we suppost to look for on all of this?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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