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"Diesels in the Desert"

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We're hoping to get a bigger turnout than the DHRA event earlier this year...and hopefully make it a yearly diesel only event if it goes well. This first one will be shared with the Saturday "test and tune" crowd. Diesel participants will have their own lane and will be welcome into the "test and tune" lanes if they lose one of the bracket races.

We are also looking into what the cost is to make sure that the track is prepped (VHT) properly.

All brands are welcome but is planning a PSD only brunch the next morning and possibly a small get together Saturday before the race in conjunction with the Arizona Powerstroke Group.

If you're close enough to make the drive, come join us!
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Marc and Shawn (the guys organizing it) are in regular contact with SpeedWorld. I'll mention it to them and see if they can talk to the track about it in advance.

They are hoping that if they get a good enough turnout they can eventually negotiate a "diesels only" event.
I told Marc about your concerns...we'll see where it goes.
Mike...I got confirmation that SpeedWorld WILL VHT the track. Apparently the DHRA organizers didn't request it and they didn't have it available. With notice (via a request for a specific date or event), they will purchase it and use it...for FREE!

Shawn is also talking to them about the issue of getting through the lanes too slowly. This is over a 3-day weekend and they've told him that the track is historically slow on holiday much so that they've considered not opening. We're hoping that this weekend will be no different and we'll be the majority of the crowd.
Just curious who here (if anyone) might make it to this event?
Excellent, let me know.
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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