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Diesel Mechanics in Miami Kendall Area

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I am looking at a 2001 F550 in the Kendall area of Miami. It has a lot of the modifications I want and looks really nice in the Autotrader ad. I have spoken with the seller and of course have been told the truck is in perfect condition. It has low miles, leather interior, 08 front end conversion, air ride, 4 x 4 and 22.5's. The problem is I'm in California. I am ready and willing to fly in to do the deal and drive it home but I just don't want to get there and find a truck with serious problems. I hoping I can find a mechanic or someone who knows there 7.3 trucks to go check it out for me. I am more than willing to pay you for your time. If your that guy please get a hold of me to make arrangements. You can call or text me at 951-440-1266. Thanks.
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Maybe try contacting any of these guys, they may know someone.
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