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Hey all. Not new here, but figured I'd ask as you guys are from the midwest. Went to school at NADC, worked for Swamps, came home and did and currently do work for pioneer seed (good job leaves me lots of time). Now since coming home I'm getting a good reputation on diesel and gas. Anything from big Cat's (my personal fav.) to LS series motors. Powerstroke motor work and diagnostics as well as drivetrain/suspension.

Now from your knowledge how would a performance/repair shop go. Big emphasis on repair, performance is for fun, repair makes money. My location is Greene county. Very slow county, very rural. Good for alot of things farm/semi work. How many people are willing to travel to get their truck worked on, and know that it would be done right? At Swamps we had customers from HOURS away. But that was after there 6+ years of doing it and doing a good job.

So you think it could work/survive? Not super interested in a online store as they are already overflooded with typical diesel performance part places.

Lets hear it guys, good, bad, I don't care's. Not going to hurt my feelings one bit. I know my experience and what I'm capable of doing. But before making the plunge on building a shop lets hear it!

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