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Diesel/Bio/SVO and aluminum tanks

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I am looking at adding some fuel capacity and considering either an Al tank or plastic tanks in the bed. I haven't found any plastic tanks I like, so that may be a moot point. But I can build a large Al tank for the bed. The question is about compatibility. I have read that SVO and Bio can be problematic in steel tanks, how does this effect Al. Also if I primarily run Bio or SVO in the big AL tank would there be any problems with running regular diesel in the tank as well, say I can't find bio or SVO on a trip.

Thanks with the smog check discussions, crappy ULSD and the price of regular diesel I am considering all options to keep the truck running cleanly, efficiently, affordabley and reliably.
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I don't have an answer on the bd or svo. A lot of big rigs have AL fuel tanks. I have not heard of any problems with AL and diesel fuels.
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