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Did I make a mistake?

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O.K. I just joined this forum and was reading a post about how Bully Dog is a bad word on the forum. I was wondering why and if I made a mistake of having the Triple Dog Combo installed on my truck('04 F-250 w/4" Exhaust, K/N intake)? Any help/comments would be appreciated.
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I sold my old Triple Dog for the SCT. There is such a big different it is like night and day. With the TD, there is almost always a lag between the pedal and actually getting the fuel and going, but with the SCT pickup is almost instant, no lag.

Plus I like having the ability to have my tranny custom tuned to what is best for the setup that I have, not just how a box wants it to run.

Like said before, unless you want to get maximum horsepower out of your truck or plan on having future heavy modding, the Bully Dog Triple Dog is plenty enough to have fun with.
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