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Did I make a mistake?

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O.K. I just joined this forum and was reading a post about how Bully Dog is a bad word on the forum. I was wondering why and if I made a mistake of having the Triple Dog Combo installed on my truck('04 F-250 w/4" Exhaust, K/N intake)? Any help/comments would be appreciated.
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I have the convienience of tryin pretty much everything cuz my buddy has a diesel performance shop, and the ppe isnt all its cracked up to be, it pulls pretty hard on the top end but mid to low its not much, ppe is great for dmaxs tho, i have tried the edge juice platinum with the hot tune, the diablosport predator, and superchips, we have tried a lot of combos and stacks and the best weve found so far is a custom tuned SCT, mine is custom tuned by Tadd at Elite Diesel.
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