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DI represents in Houston

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To start with DI OWNED BWD in the golf cart race.
BIGR won the east vs west coast Championship with our new and proven SHO injectors.

yes we are known for our record setting Power Strokes but one of our customers Brad McTaggert won quick Diesel with an 03 Duramax we built for him earlier this year.

We had the fastest daily driven single turboed real street struck.

Wait a few and I'm sure I'll think of a few more.

almost forgot, Nate represented us well with his half nose:pointlaugh:
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oh boy...those super duper injectors AND nitrous couldn't hang with our customer's truck on fuel only. :doh: :pointlaugh:

So Scotty's 6 or seven passes at 109mph didn't count?...and when you say "real street truck" mean "fully built, billet rodded, magic cammed" truck...when our customer was running THE ORIGINAL engine...from crank to valves... ;)

Alright, Dave...What was your wifes trucks' mph...(since we're carrying it out to thousandths of a mph, apparently) :poke:

take care~

Dave :D
golfer- That was a very nice running truck, no doubt. Congrats on that thing, I think every Ford owner there was impressed.
Hey, thanks & we really appreciate it.
All kidding aside, some people there thought I was a Swamps:nutswinger:
cus every time that truck ran I commented on well it ran for what it had.

as far as the wifes truck goes it went [email protected] spinning thru the 330 on fuel only, whether the engine is built or not is not at question rather the horsepower produced and how it was produced. Not knocking you or your customer as he ran really well and impressed a lot of folks there, but the record will be very short lived once I get a tranny to hold up;):poke:
yours? really? i heard *** came up with the SHO injector. :poke: :ford:
You don't want to go there with me.
*** did really well and they deserve what they accomplished with what they had.
We'll just leave it at that.
next season will be a lil different than this past year ;)
dave i appreciate the compliment on my truck!! thanks alot. but if i had the fastest pass there with a single charger in a powerstroke and that truck is driven everyday on the street weather its to the beach or to town to get groceries, how was one of your trucks the fastest daily driven powerstroke there?!? just wondering?

and mike (bigr) congrats on the 12.27, i know its not what you were lookingfor but still a great run. and congradulation to you and your crew on the dirty that won quick diesel, i didn't feel as bad to be beaten by him since he won everything (stupid tree).
Simple your fastest MPH was 109.41 and Amanda's was 109.81.
She had the fastest you had the quickest.
Just like in ***'s case they have the quickest and I have the fastest.
Thanks on the dirty max he did put a few good players on the trailer.
You can drop a turd from an airplane and nobody really cares how fast it is goin as long as it hits slow white
that is the best saying I have read in my life :pointlaugh: DI just got :eek:wned:
Quoted just so we know who said what.
no problem i aint gonna edit my post like you have your sig
There, fixed it for you:D
ya 10.86 by ***, i know it is hard to make your way through all the wizard dropping's
Be thinking what sauce you want with that crow meal you'll be eating soon:gayfight:
After seeing all of the abortions that came to the line I aint to worried, but you where the fastest powerstroke to run between 1:30pm and 2:00pm so congrats. I believe you are also the fastest with airconditioning also, and the fastest with a driver that wears Tony Lama boots that are 4 sizes to big. I know you eat this attention up but I think it is time to back up that BS pass you made but hey 4 truck lengths on 13 sec dmax can look goofy at that altitude.
Wow you really had to reach for that one:doh:
So glad I did not go to the titty bar with ya'll .
You said titty:D
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