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Fat Kids Rule!
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DADs Chassis Dyno Service

Delphi Auto Diagnostics

Delphi, IN


Saturday May 15


10:00am to 8:00pm


$50 per truck for 3 pulls

Just puttin this up in case anybody would be interested. This is their
first diesel dyno day and they would like to have a good turnout. He's a
friend of mine and I told him I'd try and round up... some trucks for him.

I believe they are gonna have food and posssibly prizes (not sure on the
prizes). Should be plenty of parking too. Come on out!!

You can check'em out here Delphi Auto Diagnostics, Indiana Automotive Repair and Maintanence

There is a pre-registration form that you can download on their site and
mail it in along with your entry fee.

Their address and phone # is listed on their website if you have any

wheres the fat chicks?
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ill prolly be there.might drag a couple other people with me:D:D
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