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Which would you buy

  • 2004

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • 2006

    Votes: 5 71.4%

Debating purchase

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Option 1: 2004, well maintained small lift, all services done by ford, gooseneck hide a ball, 315/75r16's 117k
Option 2: 2006 fabtech lift and shocks, aftermarket stereo, 37's, egr delete, 5th wheel hitch and tonneau cover, straight piped all checks out. 201k

both are lariets, neither has had a tuner.

I like the 06 styling and color a bit more. Stereo is a bonus, but curious if dollar for dollar they are identical which direction you would go. I'm new to 6.0's.
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Revised. I also have an option for a 2005 king ranch CCSB with 225k on it. New tires and this year received a full bullet proofing, (studs, intercooler, egr, new/upgraded injectors, 4" exhaust, oil cooler, etc. It also has a new windshield. It is what I'm leaning towards now
There are many improvements on the 2005 up F250's. Including the Dana60 front axle along with coil spring front suspension. They are nicer trucks for many reasons, the one drawback is the STC high pressure system they thought would speed up production.
Was another nail in Internationals coffin from Fords standpoint. Haha

Most have had the upgraded STC fittings and dummy plugs by now tho. Once that's done they are very dependable engines.
Good Luck and happy shopping.
the Oasis report on the 04 lariat with the (by far) lowest miles, is in 2008 there was a failed egr intercooler valve that caused the head gasket to fail, both were done, new injectors in 2010, rear axle bearings in 2012. Only issue since was the alternators were just replaced. I've narrowed my options to this one and the bulletproofed 2005 king ranch.

Mhatlen: Are you thinking the 2005 kr or the low mile 04 being the changes? (I was aware of the suspension changes which were very appealing to me).
the 06 I was looking at isn't as good of condition as I had hoped. tires are literally bald, and the undercarriage has more rust/neglect than I would have liked. I'm down to the 2005 kr and the 2004 lariat.

I also have decided I would like to be able to load a truck bed camper and 6"+ lift and 37's don't seem ideal to do so
Find a nice 99 to 03 with the 7.3. 6.0 run away and run fast. JMHO!!
Keep looking and take your time. There are lots out there.
I have owned 2 6.0 F250 trucks and I love em.

The truck I have now needed the head gaskets done. So I went ahead and did all the bullet proofing to it. It cost a few bucks but I will get 300,000 miles out of it

My first one was 100% stock and ran like a Swiss Watch. The 6.0 is a quantum leap ahead of the 7.3
I'm not going to get into a pissing contest between them. The 2005 and up truck is also far ahead of the earlier models.
Get what you want and like but give yourself time. I was looking for my first F250 for over 2 years. Lol
Get a good one, take care of it and it will be good to you.
I had lined up a perfect low mile bulletproofed 6.0, sold my SUV to buy it, and the guy sold it from under me while I was waiting on my ride to go down and pick it up. As such I'm without a vehicle so in a bit more of a situation than I would have expected. I will keep my eyes open and try to be more patient than convenience allows! Thanks for your advice. I'm really hoping for a 6.0 for comfort and performance vs a 7.3 however may end up having to pull the trigger on a 7.3 03 I found with 200k on it and a lot of solid maintenance....
Looks like I'm the first to go with the 2004 vote. I definitely agree that the newer trucks are nicer, but I love my '04. It's definitely not my daily driver, but I like the classic solid axle leaf spring front end, original SuperDuty styling, etc. I think the 03-04s have a more "work truck/man's truck/farmer's truck" look and feel, but the 05-07 is more on par with modern trucks as far as looks and comfort.
Of course, just my humble opinion.
Find a nice 99 to 03 with the 7.3. 6.0 run away and run fast. JMHO!!
49 posts, and I'm guessing every one of them has been something along these lines. And I'd guess he's never owned or even driven one. Everyone says they are bad, so I'm jumping on that bandwagon.
What happened with the KR truck? Mileage was higher than I'd like, but has already been bulletproofed for the most part and new injectors. If it was done correctly, you are $5-10k ahead of the other truck options already.

And since we are offering "opinions", I still say the 05-07 trucks look the best. I've had both... First was 04, now the 05. If the general population didn't think 05-07 front ends looked the best, the conversions wouldn't be as popular as they are.
49 posts, and I'm guessing every one of them has been something along these lines. And I'd guess he's never owned or even driven one. Everyone says they are bad, so I'm jumping on that bandwagon.
Good. The more the merrier. That just means more awesome sounding hotrod diesel trucks I can buy for three figures below fair value. :D
Maybe in your neck of the woods. 200k+ mile trucks are still on lots for $20ish around here. And they aren't willing to negotiate either. You trade a 6.0 in with less mileage, in better shape than one they have on the lot listed for $21k, and they try to say yours isn't worth but about $9k because "no one wants a 6.0"...
I have a 7.3 and a 6.0.. my ol 6 leaker is by far my favorite of the 2..hands down!
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