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Dead on the road.

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Tonight, coming home from Farmersville, on I30 east of Dallas. Running strong about 80 or so, all of a sudden it was like the truck shifted into neutral. Pulled over on the side of the road and motor was still running, but kinda rough. Still acting like neutral, shifted through all the gears, automatic (forgot to put that in my sig). Still acts like neutral. Decided to try the reboot thing, shut her down and no start, acts like the batteries are low, cranks but no busting off.

Volt meter still shows normal, fuel in the bowl, oil normal, tranny fluid there and shiny pink color (can't check level, not running).

Got towed home, 75 bucks. 35 miles, not a bad price.


When cranking oil pressure gauge does not even try to move.

Could I have lost my LPOP, why would that affect tranny?

Could I have lost alternator, would that affect tranny?

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1 - 1 of 96 Posts
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