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Dead on the road.

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Tonight, coming home from Farmersville, on I30 east of Dallas. Running strong about 80 or so, all of a sudden it was like the truck shifted into neutral. Pulled over on the side of the road and motor was still running, but kinda rough. Still acting like neutral, shifted through all the gears, automatic (forgot to put that in my sig). Still acts like neutral. Decided to try the reboot thing, shut her down and no start, acts like the batteries are low, cranks but no busting off.

Volt meter still shows normal, fuel in the bowl, oil normal, tranny fluid there and shiny pink color (can't check level, not running).

Got towed home, 75 bucks. 35 miles, not a bad price.


When cranking oil pressure gauge does not even try to move.

Could I have lost my LPOP, why would that affect tranny?

Could I have lost alternator, would that affect tranny?

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It won't even start now, cranks like batts are low. My first thought was TC or tranny, after I shut it down to try the restart, seems like it might be ALT. Guess it could still be TC though, correct.
The reason I suspect alternator, is I replace it about six months ago with an O'Reillys Lifetime rebuilt. Had to have it on the road. When the original went out it gave some really weird symptoms. Ran really rough with the headlights on, turn them off and you are good to go.

My gauges all worked though.

Batts on charger now, first thing in the morning, O'Reillys with alternator in my hand.

I appreciate the help guys, keep it coming.
I am also thinking alternator. I would think that if the Trans went I would get some kind of warning, this thing was running fine one second and not the next, no weird noises at all.
Not the alternator, just got back from O'Reillys. Also no charge on batts., I think my charger took a dump. Going to run the batts to the PS and have them checked.

Gotta get this thing on the road.
BTW, to add insult to injury, the tow truck was a Duramax. My truck barely fit on it, and it had some acceleration problems, 30 miles at 45MPH.
Got the charger working, batts seem to be pretty charged. HPOP full of oil. This thing is cranking slow. Starting to think TC, in the light of day the tranny fluid is brown. But could a bad TC keep the motor from starting? Also, would it not have given some kind of warning.

And yes SMorris, it does make me feel a little better.

Bad news, the starter engages and cranks (slow, like lots of resistance), the fan does not turn over. No frozen pulleys, everything spins free.

Any one have a 7.3 laying around extra not doing anything? This does not sound good. Have not tried turning the motor over with a bar yet.

But the motor was running and responding to throttle when I pulled over, I shut it down. Locked TC, which broke the flywheel? WAG Anyone heard of this.
Found it. The flywheel is broken. The starter angages it and turns it but not the motor. How much is a flywheel and where is the best place to buy one.

Broken right at the crank.
I think my starter did, not sure though. Anyone got a used flexplate laying around gathering dust?
Just got off the phone with O'Reillys, no go.

Will a flexplate from a E40D tranny work?
It's not a flywheel for an auto, it's a flexplate :poke:

I broke mine too, this is a great time to do a torque converter and just see how long that tranny will last Andy.

A weight fell off mine and I had it rewelded and balanced at my machine shop.

Not sure on a new one, probably the dealer but order item and spendy if I had to guess.

Biggest question to ask is WHY the flexplate broke, hopefully the trans or TC didn't seize. :confused: :(

Yep, that is the question. I think it has been cracked for a while, had a little nagging vibration at 45 MPH that went away at 50, eliminated everything else in the driveline, I think I found it.:doh:
Ordered one earlier today from Bob at PowerstrokeShop, why aint' he a sponsor here, seems like a great guy, it will be here on Wednesday or Thursday. He checked with some tranny guys and called me back in like twenty minutes or so. He told me that the tranny guys said that it is not real common but that they have seen it before and can just be caused from 240K of hard driving. Thanks for all the help and support guys.

Anyone in the DFW area got a tranny jack I can borrow.
Great guy, really good price. He has a customer for life.

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One question, I feel really dumb for asking this, never paid attention. If I am standing in front of my truck looking at the crankshaft, and you hit the key and crank it over, does the crankshaft turn clockwise or counter-clockwise. This is not a trick question, I just don't want to bar it over backwards when I take this thing apart.
Thank you.
Any one got any really good pointers for getting this tranny out and back in without smashing my head. Other than "Don't drop it on your head." I figure that if I can move it straight backwards about 6 inches, I should be good to go. Still planning on removing all cables and wires just in case.

Bad part is my driveway is on a pretty good slope, I plan on using a come along to move the jack/trolley/creeper with wood blocks stacked on it, back up the hill, R&R the flex plate. Reverse above steps to reinstall.
Thanks. Good to know.
Got the flywheel (flexplate) tonight. I will be putting it in tomorrow or Saturday. I will put the front of the truck on ramps. And attach the tranny to a furniture dolly with a platform built on it. Move it back four to six inches and swap the flywheel. I hope I have enough room above the tranny to move it back without hitting the floorpan. I will be doing this myself unless I get a volunteer for help, I will supply steak and beer on completion. None of my friends even know what "righty tighty" means.
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