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Dana 80 axle width and sterling 10.5 axle width

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Hey guys I have a question on axle widths for 05+ up superduty trucks.I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find anything on the newer trucks axle widths.I have a 2006 ford f-250 4x4 short bed and I'm doing a dually conversion I bought the front hub adapters for the 05+ 4x4 up dually truck.I need to get an idea of the rear axle widths on my stock axle sterling 10.5 and the dana 80 that comes in a 05+ dually.I need to have rear adapters made for my dually conversion I need to get an idea of how wide I need the rear adapters made I am going to be running the new eagle alloy 059 20" dually wheels with my 37x12.50x20 nitto trail grappler tires.Need enough width on the adapters so the tires won't rub the rear leaf springs I am mostly doing the conversion for looks rather than trying to increase the weight capacity for towing.One day I might buy a dana 80 but for now going to have custom hub and wheel centric adapters made If you could help me out that would be great thanks.
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I have done this very conversion several times. I don't know of anybody that makes the adapters you would need for the rear and if you have them custom made they will be ridiculous in price I'm sure. The way I have always done it is to buy the correct dually rear end for your year truck. You can find good used ones on eBay, craigslist or your local salvage yard. The switch out is easy and then you can sell your old SRW axle. I have sold the SRW axle for close to the same as I bought the DRW axle for. Very cost effective. Just make sure the ratio is the same on the DRW as in your old axle as to not cause problems with the 4x4.
I found a guy in Cali that will make them for under $400 bucks hub centric and wheel centric I just need to know how wide to tell him.I know the 05+ dana 80 axles are wider than the 99-04 dana 80 tying to get the same width as the 05+ dana 80 axle with the adapters on my 10.5 axle.
You can pick up a rear end for close to that just so you know.
I looked around they are about $1200-$1500 I need a 05+ up axle if I did it that way the newer dana 80 are 8x200 bolt pattern and they are wider than the old 99-04 dana 80.And the ones I saw around me are 4:10 gearing I need 3:73 gears adapters are what I want to do for now just need to figure out how wide I need the adapters to be made.And I'm not wanting to tie up $2k right now in a axle swap because if I was to buy a axle it would have to be re geared and I would more than likely rebuild it or have my buddy do it everything brand new.
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