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Disclaimer- This is the independent front end found on 80-97 F250 4x4. NOT 99+ Superduty Dana 50 straight axles.
I had to state that because I had a serious buyer lined up & hauled all this down to Scheids & the buying thought i was selling SD Dana 50 parts.

I have some TTB parts for sale, some parts are for a 93 & others are for a 97 F250.

2-pass side arms
1-drivers side arm
1-complete carrier 3.55 gears
1-complete carrier 4.10 gears
4-inner axle shafts
& some other stuff I'm forgetting

I need this stuff gone, tired of looking at it in the garage. So make me an offer for all of it. I'm in Michigan alittle less then 2 hours north of Detroit.
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