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cutting out please help

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Well trying to sell my truck and someone was test driving it and said it cut out a few times ..I know it cut out while reving it in the drive way but never while driving it.. searched online and said to change the cam sensor but was done a few weeks ago.. and I also seem where a few people said it's the throttle assembly any ideas will help thanks
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Wiring harness for cam sensor could be chafed or chewed happened with mine.
Where did it get messed up at location wise
There's to clamps that hold the wire in place on the left side of the water pump. It wore thru the wire loom then the wire. Not saying that has to be your problem but definitely worth a look.
What do you mean by cut out? I could also very well be a UVCH issue. They are a common problematic area.
Cps could be bad as well. Really though, get a scanner on it, more than likely there will be a code stored.
The cps is new no codes are stored
what brand is the cps?
get a ford sensor
get a ford sensor

Or Intenational. Aftermarket CPS's are known to have issues right out of the box.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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