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One of the most important aspects of owning a massive truck is the ultimate feeling of power and reliability it could provide you with. Our recently released aFe SCORCHER PRO Performance Package will maximize your truck's performance potential and enhance its drivability, ensuring the most enjoyable and safe driving experience for you while being behind the wheel. SCORCHER PRO is an all-in-one, programmer that is specifically manufactured to reprogram your truck whenever and wherever you want. It comes with pre-set adjustable tunes, which vary for each vehicle and application, depending on your needs, wants and original capabilities of your truck. Pre-order this ultimate performance enhancement AFE device at CARiD today. The estimated ship date is 11.04.18. The system is easy to use and install, it connects to the vehicle’s OBDII port and has Wi-Fi capability.

aFe® - SCORCHER PRO PLUS Performance Package at

Fits Following Models: Ford F-250 / F-350 6.7L;
HP Gain: Up To +130 HP.;
TQ Gain: Up To +211 TQ.;

* Adjustable Options in tunes vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles;
* This is a Race Only product that is to be used solely for competition. It cannot be used on vehicles that are operated on public streets, roads or highways. Its use is limited to closed-course and open-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization. Any other use, including recreational off-road use, could be in violation of local, state and federal laws. Shipping Restriction: CA, NY, ME;

This is a simple, customizable, bolt-on performance device, tailored to fit your truck. Thanks to the specially calibrated tunes it will increase your airflow and provide maximum horsepower gains. It can read and clear DTC’s, which makes it an absolute must-have for any truck owner.
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