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custom 7.3 e350

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This is my 97 E350 it has stage 2 injectors a d66 turbo 4" dual exhaust high flow oil pump plus new head gasket valve springs an head studs along with a modified transmission an 6 position chip


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Very nice looking van. I have the same wheels on mine, they do look sharp.
So what are you using for an air intake?
I did a custom 3" with a k&n filter
What exhaust did you use?

Sweet looking van!
I like it cause its unique. That is a interesting exhaust
Its a custom made exhaust but I'm in the process of doin a 7" stack out the passenger side hood with electric cutouts.
I'm also changing the wheels up an goin with 22x12s in the rear an 20x10s in the front with stainless diamond plate fender flares
Sounds like alot of work. Now is it a regular like Van or a conversion van?. I think conversion vans are cool
Its a regular van in that it doesn't have a fold down bed but it had 3 row bench seats which i took the middle out turned the front seat facing the rear seat an put a 22" lcd tv in with a ps4 an the middle table is a such box with 2 15" woofers
Hey are you running wheel spacers in the back, if so what size?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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