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2000 F250 XLT CC 2WD AUTO 92K

Cruise quit working, all fuses are good, speedo works, everything else works for that matter. No airbag lights, pulled airbag since I installed a new wheel 6 months back (expedition wheel) and all the connections are good.

Is the brake light, and/or third brake light out an OBS only issue? If it does include super duties is it possible that my homemade LED tail lights in combination with my recon LED 3rd brake light are the problem since there is no load (as far as the pcm is concerned) now.

My normal drive to work has been 3 miles each way and is now 12 miles. You have as much clue as I do how long it's been since I even tried to use cruise control. So all of the above are a possibility.

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my truck just came out of the shop, everything check out ok, they said i need a new pcm as its not working on the cruise part
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