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crank shaft bolt torque??

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Does anyone know the torque on this bolt?? Thanks
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Impact just kinda hammer it a tad till it feels good(unless you have a fluidamper then yes I would torque it to spec.
The front seal started to weep after hitting it with the impact.1st attempt at dampner install.2nd was new pump and front seal.
I didn't say hammer on it till you crack the oil pump :pointlaugh: drive just kinda give it a few quick blasts. Also does anyone else put a dab of "grey death" on the keyway slop so as to prevent alittle leak? :D
I just replaced the oil pump on my truck Friday got a big oil issue and it was easy once I took the rad. out. :doh: :D
Should be OK. When you get up there in torque, it just means tighter-n-h*ll. JMHO
It ain't no ole gasser chevy that biatch is on there. Anyone ever spin the balencer off a 283 chevy? Been there done that crank was drilled and tapped after that.
I've put on hundereds of fluid dampers with my impact and never had a problem. If you know how yer tool feels it's no problem :eek:
Some have the knack some don't. :D
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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