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‘97 7.3 ccsb, 235k miles. New to PSs, only had this truck a couple of months.

I’ve read through a lot of forums. I’m having a similar situation as a lot of people. Driving down the road, truck Lost power, bogged down when I gave it gas, died at idle at the next stop light. Cranks no start. No CEL.
Towed it home, originally had movement at the tach while cranking. Had a grey Motorcraft (MC) CPS on the truck. No DTCs on a cheap code reader. Fuel in the bowl, drained it and cranked it to fill twice. Batteries are both tested and good. CEL comes on while cranking and WTS comes on as well. Went through a complete rear tank of fuel with Lucas additive prior to switching to the front tank (doubtful that it’s bad fuel). ICP had oil in it, but it had been that way for a while (I didn’t know it was a sign of failure at the time). The fuses were all good except #4, trailer backup lamps. (Replaced, and all the parking lights stayed on, even when the key was removed. Removed the fuse, I’ll deal with that later.)

Replaced the CPS (blue MC), ICP (AA ignition), IPR (MC), Starter (DB electrical). Now the tach doesn’t move, still cranks, doesn’t start. Put the original CPS back on, no movement in the tach, put the new, blue motorcraft back on. No oil leaks, UCVH looks to be in good condition. I’ve checked the IDM and all the circuits are reading as they should. Not a wiring problem.

I had previously replaced the main wiring harness, fuel pump, rebuilt the fuel bowl and it was running fine when it died on me. Oil, coolant changed within the last 500 miles.

I’m thinking it could be the IDM or the HPOP. I’m waiting on an Edge CTS3 to show up so I can have some pressure values to aid in diagnosing this issue.

You guys/gals have any ideas? I’ll buy another CPS if you think I should. It just wasn’t the problem before and I used a blue motorcraft to replace the grey motorcraft. My theory there is that it hasn’t started and had a chance to recognize the new CPS after disconnecting the pigtail.

Thanks in advance!
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