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So I'm new here and a new Diesel owner.
Was driving my truck the other day ran great and then it hit up and stalled out. I tried to restart it and it now just cranks but will not start.
I have replace the ICP with no luck
I just pulled the IPR out and the screen had a small hole in it. There does not appear to be any debris in it and it moves freely. I have a new IPR on order and an just going to replace it with a new on.
I am getting no code and am pretty much clueless I have good ficm main power. I have sync.
IPR say 84.7
ICP say 84 this is with the new icp sensor when I crank on it it jumps up to 900ish
I'm just trying to figure out what else would be causing this
The truck is a 2005 6.0 f250 with 140k on it it is all stock from what I can tell it has not been deleted or bulletproofed.
Any input or info would be greatly appreciated.
I am pretty broke so I'm trying to do this myself to save money and to become more Formiliar with this truck
Thanks for any help

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Please post cranking data:
ICP volts
battery voltage
FICM MPower (main power)
FICM LPower (logic power)

Does your dash gauge show oil pressure coming up to normal range when cranking?

When was the last time fuel filters were changed?

Date for last oil/filter change? What brand oil filter is in it?

What oil are you using?

Is the oil filter cap height about 1" (above the housing), or is it taller?

What scan tool are you using to read PCM data and/or codes?
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