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Couple of "light" qeustions...

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Yesterday I decided to burn some money and go down to the truck stop and pick up some LED lights that I retrofitted into my OEM tail light housing. They are awesome! (Another thread with pics of the install is soon to come for the curious!)

Anyways, I have a LED light bar too. My rear end just doesn't seem complete without a LED 3rd brake light. What I am looking for is a good LED replacement bulb for the 3rd brake light, I don't want to pay 100 bucks for a LED housing.

Also about my turn signals... I expected to get the rapid "lamp out" indicating flashing,,, and thats what I got. I have heard to get the electronic flasher from Autozone and that will cure it. Well I stopped by there today and he said the flasher would work, but only last about a month because the LED's are a different frequency, some im like WTF. Is this true? If it is what is a good another flasher to use? The guy there showed me a variable load flasher, but he said they didn't have any in the ford 5 prong style, only 3 prong. Or should I just go the route or installing some resistors?
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Freguency, it is DC, the frequency is zero. If it was A/C a LED would only work half the time. Light emitting DIODE, a diode only allows current to pass in one direction. USAF basic electronics.
Do you have O'Reillys there. Much better.
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