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Coolant loss, water pump?

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So I fired up ol Betsy this morning and let her warm up. Jump in and the heater is blowing ice cold. Head down the highway and it starts blowing hot air. Get into town and its cold air again. Get to work and pop the hood, no coolant in the degas bottle. No puking no white smoke no sign of head gasket. Would the water pump be a good bet? Its deleted but not studded. Just had 4 injectors replaced this summer and the other 4 about 3 weeks ago. Running street tune by back road performance.
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no the water pump wouldn't be a good bet
your low on coolant it went someplace if the waterpump was the culprit you should see a
sign at the weep hole

how low ?
Haven't had a chance to check the weep hole yet just got home from work. The degas bottle is bone dry.
thats a good gallon + low maybe more then if its bone dry. Check for any dry coolant trails or wet areas anywhere on the engine. If you dont see any leaks anywhere fill it up, and see how fast it goes through it again. If its using it with no leaks, and being deleted, probably need head gaskets.
fill her up and keep any eye open

I can smell coolant a mile away when it comes out on the hot engine

you may need to pressure gauge the coolant bottle and make sure your not having a HG issue
I did get a whiff of coolant this morning when I popped the hood. Where is this weep hole supposed to be. Ill fill it up and keep and eye on it.
Just dumped a gallon in. All I had at the house and still nothi in the bottle. Ill have to get more in the morning
oooo not good

i have seen them burb and loose the volume in the degass then filled to not have an issue again but your looow

good luck
Just pulled codes. Got a 403 EGR control circuit, 405 EGR sensor A circuit low.
Forget about the last post. Put the truck back to stock before pulling codes. Im retarded.
fill the coolant and see how long it lasts.
Well it took just over 2 gallons tp fill it. No noticeable leaks and no coolant loss so far. Also took an oil sample and no coolant in oil.
Pressure test the system
or put a gauge on and let the system do the pressure test for you LOL
That's my next step. I got it back from the shop about a month ago. Had left bank injectors replaced. Wondering where 2 plus gallons went and I not notice it.
keep us posted
Drove it to work the past 2 days. About 120 mile round trip. Coolant level is low again now. I got home tonight and grabbed a flash light and took a peak around. Noticed coolant around the oil cooler cover. Couldn't get a real good look though. I replaced the oil cooler earlier this year when I did all the deletes and upgrades. Could it be bad already?
I guess a better question would be where would coolant be leaking from in that area
When I first reinstalled everything in that area I found I had two leaks...from the hose going to the EGR delete and from the fitting and hose which connects the intake portion of the cooling system to the degas bottle. Tightened hose clamp on the blue hose, put a little teflon tape on the fitting, and trimmed the hose by about 1/4 inch (had lost its elasticity) and those leaks were fixed right up. If you're sure those are all good then I would recommend making sure it's all dry in there and then run it to temp while watching the area to see where it's coming from. Strange things can happen under that hood when you're not looking! lol
Ya I planned on taking a better look on my next days off. Hopefully its something simple like a loose house
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