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This set-up is from Diesel Site, Its there coolant filtration system. Tools needed, hose cutters, flat head screw driver medium size, teflon tap for all brass fittings, a gallon of Ford Gold Coolant, 2 vice grips. All other parts with the system is included minus the ball valves which makes the filter change much easier.

Step 1

Removal of the boost tube on the passenger side is needed. 11mm or 13mm deep socket is required to remove the tube Figure 1, Figure 2 once removed the mounting bracket is needed to be installed to the header panel next to the intercooler on the passenger side.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Once the mounting bracket is secured to the header panel, locate one piece of the black plastic hose and run it across the top of the fan shroud like shown in figure 5. The ball valves are option in this set-up, remember to use teflon tap around all the brass fittings now, connect all brass fittings to the grey mounting piece that holds the coolant filter figure 3. After running the hose across the fan shroud, take some hose cutters and cut the hose running from the radiator to the coolant tank, be careful not to break the nipple on the radiator. Show in Figure 4.

Figure 5

Figure 3

Figure 4

The next step is connecting the coolant filter to the the heater hose shown in Figure 6. Which this hose is located under the boost tube that is why you need to remove this. Locate the heater hose coming from the front of the motor next to the alternator located in figure 7.

Figure 6

Figure 7

Once you locate this hose you'll be needing 2 vice grips if you dont have an extra body to help you, to keep from loosing fluid, pick a location to the this heater hoses that is running into your heater core towards the firewall, once you picked a desired location clamp off the hoses and cut inbetween them. Once cut, you will have a large T Fitting that is placed inbetween the hoses, place your hose clamps on both sides of the heater hose, once the fitting has been placed tighten down the hose clamps on both sides. Figure 8

Figure 8

Once the T fitting is placed, run the hoses around your filler neck and into the coolant bracket. Shown in Figure 1. Also pior to install of the filter itself fill the filter with coolant, once system is completed check all fittings, hoses clamps make sure everything is tightened and secured all the way, start the truck run your heater and check your coolant levels, if needed fill the system back up to what is needed, not much is lost during the process unless you dont clamp the heater hose down, If you have any question feel free to pm me.

Figure 1 again

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