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I seem to be having an issue with my new Southbend Con OFE.
So far, it has performed flawlessly in my sig truck with 238/100's and a D66.
I have developed a "squeak" which is noticable at idle, and on decel.
It will go away if you lightly press on the clutch pedal, will sometimes stop,
only to return any where from a few seconds to a minute after the clutch is released and in neutral.
Sometimes when I hear the squeak, the slave and fork seem to be bouncing around a fair bit, which doesn't look normal to me.
Release bearing? Pilot bushing? Input shaft bearing?
I don't have a great knowledge of clutches or transmissions, but this is where I am leaning.

On a separate note, the clutch slipped on me last night when I pulled out to pass on the highway
while in 5th gear and on my hottest chip setting.
It has never slipped before, and now has around 8000 miles on it since it was installed.

I will never sled pull, or drag race the truck, and it see's mostly highway duty.
The truck almost never tows, and when it does it's less than 2500 lbs.
Pretty much all the truck does is go 80 mph down the highway every day for a few hours.

I don't know exactly how much power I'm putting down, but I figured less than 450hp/900, which is what the clutch is rated for.
Seeing how I managed to get it to slip, and the transmission is going to be dropped to investigate the squeak,
should I just pony up for the street double disk?

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I think haisley makes a good double disk for our truck too you can check out. Honestly, I dont wanna knock southbend, because they have good products and excellent customer service, but I I dont know where they get these power ratings from.

I had a Con O in my truck with stage 1 sticks and a edge evo on tow tune and it was slipping when I banged gears. and I know that wasnt makin 350HP...

So far I have had good luck with my OFE at stage 1's and Wildman tunes.

Looks like you definetly have some money into rig by reading your sig....I would say a double disk would top that off nicely :)

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Pull the lower inspection cover off and see what falls out...

I just had the same problem..
dropped the lower cover a 5 steel balls fall out..

The throwout bearing came apart...
Took out,,,

Throwout Bearing Fork

Pressuer plate
and the piece that the bearing rides on.. Had to pull the trans apart to replace the ft piecs..

Emailed Pics to South Bend and they sent me a new Bearing and Presure Plate..

Good Luck..
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