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:D getting fuel the other day and there was a group of cummins guys all at the station i fuel at as im pulling out i notice them all looking over at me as im pulling off

Later that day Im approached in the grocery store by one of them asking what all I had done to my truck that He wished his cummins would sound like that:D

When i walk out all of them are parked out by my trk looking at it
then the guy that asked me what all i had done asked me to see under the hood (the first time the eng bay was clean:D) they were all amazed at how good the setup FORD has looked

the only mod any of them had was cold air and exhaust

Come to find out my trk is the talk of the town since all you hear is turbo when im coming or going:ford:
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funny thing is that i DO not clean the eng unless im gonna do work to it
YEAH! I know what you mean by that grin (didnt you mean $hit eattin)
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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